The beautiful text of Dan Forrest’s Te Deum comes from poetry that has been around for generations. Some scholars believe that the text may date as far back as the 4th century. Taken from the Book of Common Prayer, the opening lines immediately acknowledge God as the Father of all living things. The writer states that all the heavenly beings praise God the Father and cry, “Holy, Holy, Holy.”

Powerful Music

Such powerful and inspiring lyrics deserve to be set to music that is equally powerful and inspiring – and composer Dan Forrest does so in a way that is absolutely breathtaking. Composing a setting of Te Deum is no small task. Some of the greatest composers in the history of music have composed settings of Te Deum, including Handel, Bach, Mozart, and many more. With this composition, Dan Forrest has placed his own name among them.

Praising God

As the text continues through the first movement, Praise to the Trinity, and the third movement, Praise to the Christ, the author continues to list those who praise God for his power and holiness: “The glorious company of the Apostles… The goodly fellowship of the Prophets… The noble army of the Martyrs: praise thee.” The accompanying music elevates the lyrics and produces music that audiences can relate to and join their hearts in praise as well.

Music for a Triune God

Te Deum glorifies not only God the Father but the complete Triune God. As the music transitions into the second movement, Prayers, the text changes to the section adapted from the Psalms, which is believed to have been added later into the Book of Common Prayer. The lyrics are a touching invocation unto God for salvation.

Each and every line of Te Deum’s written text offer inspiration and praise unto God for his mercy and holiness. Listeners will be captivated by Dan Forrest’s stunning work, and the beautiful music is sure to reside in their hearts for years to come.