The ancient text of Te Deum, taken from the Book of Common Prayer, is an enrapturing look at the subject of praise. The lyrics paint a beautiful picture of our holy, triune God and are accompanied with a prayer of salvation and blessing. Composer Dan Forrest sets this sacred text to a beautiful accompanying score that elevates the text and makes the words come to life. This style of vibrant composition is precisely what makes Dan Forrest’s work so unique and inspiring. As with his other works, such as Jubilate Deo and Requiem for the Living, Dan Forrest’s music animates the lyrics – and along with them – the audience members.

Dan Forrest and Prayer

The theme of prayer is one that deserves a lot of contemplation. Prayer is something that brings people together – and it offers praise to God our Father. True, honest prayer is something that God honors. It forces us to humble ourselves and admit that we cannot do things on our own. It often takes hardships in our lives before we come to such a place – but the action of calling out to God is something that should always be in practice in our lives; not only when things get tough. The majestic description of God’s holiness that is presented in the ancient text of Te Deum gives us, his children, more than enough reason to humble ourselves and praise him for the many blessings he has given to us.

Prayer Unites Us

A prayerful attitude is something that would greatly benefit us in the chaos of today’s society. When set to music, our prayers can take flight and not only reach God’s heart, but also the hearts of those around us. The masterpiece created by Dan Forrest does exactly that. This powerful composition is a stirring reminder of what a prayerful attitude looks like – and the music is motivation for us to exhibit that same attitude in our day-to-day lives. It will not only bring us closer to God, but it will also bring us closer to each other.

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Te Deum by Dan Forrest is an excellent choice for both worship services and concerts. This is truly a delight for choirs to perform and your congergation or audiance will find it uplifting and glorifying.